Mo Park Fishing Derby

The Mo Park Children’s Rock Bass and Sunfish Fishing Derby has been a favorite summer event since 1992. Mo Park established and organized this famed event where there were 20 entrants and 200 rock bass caught.

  • 1995 the event was moved to Camp Peneycad. Tom and Gemma Coyle came on board.
  • 2002 the derby was officially named “The Mo Park Children’s Fishing Derby”.

The event has grown and taken on many fun activities for the kids! Many years we saw more than 100 entrants! In any given year once the fishing was done the kids would be entertainment by clowns, face painters, magicians, balloonists. The Door Prizes over the years included, Tents, Organs, Floats, Fishing gear, flashlights, kayaks, gum machines.

All events like this are only as successful as it’s volunteers! We wish to thank all that have volunteered time, funds and goods over the years. Including: John Chilvers, Bob Deeth, Max Wirth, Ron and Jan Haney, Shar, Tim, and Verree Mercier, Donna,  Lori, Kari, and Jodi Peneycad, Tony Pappas, Rich McGrath , Brett Crawford, Sharon and Keith Paine, Helen Saunders, John Perzylo, Peter and Elaine Dickinson, many face painters and fish counters…..

2022 marked the 30th anniversary of the Mo Park Fishing Derby. With this mile stone, the Peneycad and Coyle families have decided hang up their hats and no longer host. Their commitement and drive to delivering such an amazing kids event has been a mainstay on our lake system. Thank you so much for all that you have done! Please see below and reach out if you would like to carry on this tradition.

Visit our Events Page for photos from the 2022 Fishing Derby Event!