Update Membership Info

If you are a new cottage / home owner or have had a change in contact information we would appreciate you providing us with your updated information and details so that we can continue to or begin to communication with you. Being up to date with your membership and contact information will ensure that you will recieve our regular communications.

Please complete the below form to provide details of any membership changes.

All information provided will remain private and will be used solely for the purpose of maintaining accurate Shadow Lakes Association Membership records and will not be shared or sold to any third party. The association sends periodic emails throughout the year with important and timely information. Completing this form provides your consent to allow us to email you. If you would prefer to not recieve emails from us please do let us know membership@shadowlakesassociation.ca.

If the dues are current for your cottage or permanent residence (all family members welcome) please join us for general updates, picture sharing, lost and found, for sale, events, and much more on our private / closed Facebook Group. You will be asked to answer specific questions about you, your membership status, location on the lake and agree to our page rules.

SLA: Membership Information Update or New Member
Please provide the email address that is best to send assocation updates and information and other communications.